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"Highly skilled, professional and discreet! NOBODY BETTER AT ERADICATING BED BUGS AND CARPENTER ANTS! I have used Debbie's services on a number of occasions for different reasons and have also recommended her to friends and family. She has ALWAYS come through at getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. My daughter and I suffered a severe case of bed bugs a couple of years ago and Debbie came in and completely fixed the problem first time out. We had suffered so badly and for so long with them that to this day she's a Legend at our house! I cannot recommend her services highly enough and believe that if anybody is capable of eliminating Montreal's Bed Bug problem these days, it's most definitely Debbie Expert."

- Bug Free

"Discreet, direct, no nonsense and UNBELIEVABLY thorough. I was expecting an in and out exterminator but Debbie left no stone unturned and came the day after I called. Would recommend to anyone with a bedbug or any other infestation. An all around fantastic vampire (bedbug) slayer :-D"

- Sosa

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